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CMA CGM and NTS Shipyard announced the delivery of  the “CMA CGM Volga”  secured with a Fast Oil Recovery System

A new salvage friendly ship was delivered by Chinese shipyard New Times Shipbuilding.

A newly modern 10 622 TEU vessel has been delivered to CMA CGM.  In line with the sustainable development policy of the Group, the “CMA CGM VOLGA” is equipped with all the latest environmental technologies to reduce the impact of the ship on the environment during normal operations.

Considering the whole scope of the ship’s life, CMA CGM extends its Corporate Policy to the risk of accidental pollution. In that respect the “CMA CGM VOLGA”, has been protected with a JLMD Fast Oil Recovery System (FOR system) securing each main tanks of the vessel.

Completing the eco-efficiently by making the ship Salvage Friendly is demonstrating the great concern of the company to the protection of the marine environment.

The FOR system becomes a master key into the emergency response plan that any great company shall be able to deploy quickly and efficiently to mitigate environmental, legal and financial consequences.

Fast Oil Recovery System is emergency circuits allowing immediate and permanent access to the ship’s cargo and bunker tanks to easily evacuate pollutant trapped into the ship tanks. This equipment aims to mitigate accidental financial and legal consequences. The FOR System belongs to the Salvage Friendly Solutions. It is recognized and awarded by Bureau Veritas by a class notation (FORS NR553). It also brings solutions in event of operational incidents. It is a concrete means of leverage to testify about companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility and business performance.

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