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The FOR and FOR-NS Systems: The Environmental Excellence

When an incident at sea occurs, the FOR and FOR-NS Systems new design release the ship from any financial and environmental damages.

The FOR and FOR-NS Systems new design increase the cargo and bunker tanks connectivity. Combined with dedicated procedures, the on-board equipment offers the solutions to the crew and concerned authorities to stop an incident before it turns into a major problem.

These Eco-equipments, by limiting material, operational and ecological consequences of a ship failure, enhance the quality and environmental concerns of the ship operators, owners and charterers.


  FOR = Fast Oil Recovery System
FOR-NS = Fast Oil Recovery - Normal Service System


For all kind of ships and tanks

Direct benefits:

» Financial gains

  • Off-hire (downtime) losses reduction
  • Time and cost reduction during tank interventions
  • P and I Insurances and Flag Register recognition
  • Liability reduction

» Operational gains

» Exemplarity

  • Competitive advantage to foster current and future environmentally concerned customers
  • Enhanced as an Eco equipment by international media
  • Concrete and visible equipment demonstrating a concrete environmental concern
  • Leading-edge technical position